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CNC / Machinist Technician

9 Months - Diploma

CNC / Machinist Technician Training Program in Erie, Pennsylvania

Program Overview

CNC machines have radically changed the manufacturing industry. Curves are as easy to cut as straight lines, complex 3-D structures are relatively easy to produce, and the number of steps that require human action have been considerably reduced.

In the CNC / Machinist Technician career training program you will get your hands on drill presses, mills, lathes, and grinders, then advance to CNC milling and CNC turning. You will learn to efficiently set up and run CNC machines. Be capable of controlling the 3 axes of lathes and mills through Computer Numerical Control programs. Problem solving skills, troubleshooting techniques and use of engineering materials and processes learned at EIT will enable you to take your place in tomorrow’s industry.

Course Outline

  • Blueprint Reading / GDT
  • Practical Dimensional Inspection Fundamentals
  • Machining I
  • Strategies for Success
  • Machinist Mathematics
  • Machining II
  • Introduction to CNC Machining
  • Job Seeking Development
  • Practical Computer Skills
  • CNC Machining I
  • CNC Machining II
  • CNC Machining III

Try A trade

Try a Trade is a new initiative at EIT where the public can schedule a time to come to the school and under no obligation, complete a small introductory project in the program of their choice.

If you've ever considered beginning a career in any of the fields we offer, click the logo above and schedule a time to come in and Try a Trade!

CNC / Machinist Technician Job Placement Sites

Below is a list of employers who recently hired graduates of the CNC / Machinist Technician Program

  • Modern Industries, Erie, PA
  • PHB Industries, Fairview, PA
  • General Electric Transportation, Pittsburgh, PA
  • H&H Aero, Erie, PA
  • Allegheny Bradford Corp., Lewis Run, PA
  • Power Drives, Erie, PA
  • Machining Concepts, Erie, PA
  • Thorlabs Imaging Systems, Sterling, VA
  • Ripley Machine & Tool Company, Ripley, NY
  • Merit Industries, Erie, PA
  • Accuspec Electronics, Erie, PA
  • Composiflex, Erie, PA
  • American Turned Products, Fairview, PA
  • Secondary Development and Research, Ridgway, PA

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Richard Welton - CNC Supervisor - Composiflex Inc

Richard Welton

CNC Supervisor
Composiflex Inc.

In today's advancing technology in the CNC Machining field it is a real asset to have a school like EIT to provide us with skilled entry level machinists.

Jim Willats - President - Machining Concepts

Jim Willats

Machining Concepts

In this last three months, Machining Concepts has hired two graduates from the CNC Technician program. Both graduates have good basic skills, a great work ethic and are learning quickly and are an asset to our company.”

Justin Thomas - CNC Machinist Technician Graduate - Composiflex Inc

Justin Thomas

CNC Machinist Technician Graduate
Composiflex Inc.

What I liked most about EIT was the instructors & their approach to learning. Their patience and dedication to the field of machining allow you to develop your skills at your own pace.

Kyle Peck - CNC Machinist Technician Graduate - Machining Concepts

Kyle Peck

CNC Machinist Technician Graduate
Machining Concepts

I liked the instructors and how they treated you like a person and as an adult.

Mike Chesley - President - Composiflex Inc

Mike Chesley

Composiflex Inc.

There are only a few places that we look at when we hire, and EIT is one of them.

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