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Employee Spotlight - Erin Ahlgren Career Services

Posted on December 6, 2017
alt='Erin Ahlgren - Career Services Erie Institute of Technology'

Tell us about yourself.

As a livelong Erie resident, I grew up in Fairview, PA. I attended Penn State, Behrend and graduated with a B.A. in Communications and Media Studies. Since graduating, I’ve worked in the higher education field and most recently, for the last several years, I worked in the non-profit sector as the Director of Marketing and Development for the U.S. Brig Niagara.

I enjoy spending time with family, including my 8 year old daughter Anna. Family is very important to me. I have a big family, with three brothers, a sister, many nephews and cousins. We are all very close and enjoy spending our free time together. As you can imagine, holidays are always a blast. I have a dog, Ruby, and a cat, Oliver who are best buds (for the most part).

What interested you most about becoming an Employment Specialist?

After spending several years in the non-profit sector, I decided it was time for a change and when the Employment Specialist position and the opportunity to work for higher education again became available, it seemed like a perfect fit. The thing that interested me most in becoming an Employment Specialist was the opportunity to work with students again, but this time, the opportunity to help them on the other end of the spectrum. I previously worked as a High School Presenter and Enroller at another local higher education institution.

What benefits can the EIT Career Services department provide an employer?

One of the greatest benefits the Career Services department can offer is first hand access to highly trained graduates at no cost to them. Advertising can be quite costly. The great thing about Career Services at EIT, is we get to know our students throughout the process which provides assurance that they are a good fit for the company and the position. It’s a win-win situation.

What advice would you give graduates looking to find work in their field?

The most important thing I’ve learned when looking to find work, is that you have to remember you are selling yourself and first impressions are everything. There are usually several other people applying for and interviewing for the same position. You have to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Persistence is important. You might not get the first or even second position you apply and interview for. Stay positive and keep trying. Also, one of the most important things is to always, always send a thank you note to all employers you interview with. It leaves a lasting impression.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with my daughter Anna and my family. I’ve always enjoyed arts, crafts and reading. I like reading books about secret societies, mysteries, etc. I always enjoy a good conspiracy. I love the outdoors and enjoying Erie’s four seasons, summer and fall are my favorites.

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