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About EIT

Erie Institute of Technology is an educational facility providing career training for the technology careers of tomorrow.

Whether you're just starting on your career path or looking to expand your career opportunities, EIT is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Conveniently located in Erie, PA, EIT is an easy commute for students from Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio. We provide a wide variety of training services to our students. Consider these unique EIT benefits:

  • Focused electronics, computer, and advanced manufacturing curricula
  • Practical hands-on laboratory training along with classroom instruction
  • Preparation for tomorrow's job market
  • Safe, small-town atmosphere with a high quality of life
  • Job placement assistance

Brief History

Erie Institute of Technology, founded in 1958 as A.T.E.S. Technical School, is an end product of many years of experience and planning in the field of technical education. In 1976, the school name was changed to Erie Institute of Technology, and quickly became an area leader in electronics training. In 2001 EIT was purchased by area developer Rick Griffith and moved to a new location on upper Peach Street. Mr. Griffith purchased the assets of the former CAMtech, an advanced manufacturing and technology school, which had closed its doors. The decision was made to combine those programs with EIT's programs in an entirely new location.

Philosophy and Mission

EIT is dedicated to developing the individual abilities of each student by providing them with the necessary skills and supporting knowledge to meet the entry-level job requirements for computer, electronics, manufacturing, and technology careers. In order to achieve this, programs at EIT provide students with a combination of practical laboratory training and classroom instruction. EIT then offers placement assistance to aid its graduates in locating gainful employment.

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