Student Success Stories

EIT has a solid reputation for producing capable, well-trained students that employers seek. These are just a few of the many EIT student success stories. 

# Jason Mozdy

Designer and Illustrator, Synctomi

"It happened within one year at EIT. I obtained the necessary tools, earned the credentials, and was given a tremendous opportunity as an intern. After applying what I had acquired, I now have a rewarding career which I love."

# Scott Langer

Field Service Technician, Rabe Environmental Systems

"The education I received at the Erie Institute of Technology prepared me for my career as a Service Technician for Rabe Environmental Systems. If you're interested in a career change I would strongly urge you to call the Erie Institute of Technology. I'm certainly glad I did."

# Brian Waller

Technical Support, Softek/Velocity.net

"After I graduated from Erie Institute of Technology's PC Technician and Software Support Program, they placed me with a great career here at Softek and Velocity.net. I urge anyone interested in a career in computers to check them out today. I'm glad I did."

# Steve Lind

Field Service Technician, Hagan Business Machines

"I've always had an interest in Electronics. When my former employer closed their doors, I needed to find a new career. I chose Erie Institute of Technology's Electronic Technician Program. They gave me the training and helped place me in my new career as a Field Service Technician for Hagan Business Machines. If you're looking for a new career, I highly suggest you call Erie Institute of Technology. I'm glad I did."

# Rob Fratus

SMT Operator, Accuspec Electronics

"My Associates degree from Erie Institute of Technology as an Electronics Engineering Technician allowed me to obtain a position at Accuspec Electronics as a Surface Mount Technology Operator. The education that I received gave me the foundation to improve and be trained as a test technician. If you're interested in a career in Electronics, I encourage you to call Erie Institute of Technology."


Employer Testimonials


# Tim McQuiston

Temperature Control Manager, Rabe Environmental Systems

"Here at Rabe Environmental Systems when we were searching for highly qualified personnel to service our hundreds of customers we turned to the Erie Institute of Technology. The Erie Institute of Technology supplies us with the highly qualified personnel we need to service our digital control systems."

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